Professors Utilize Class Discussion to Gain Advantage Among Peers

An anonymous source reached out to The Daily Misnomer alleging potentially wily conduct among the professors at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.  Our confidential source confirmed that, most certainly, professors are utilizing class discussion to gain a unique perspective on policy and law review topics, keeping them one-step ahead of their peers.

Our source disclosed the rationale for employing this tactic. “The issues students discuss in class are such a unique balance between legal precedent and social factors that influence the law. Most do not realize the pressure that professors are under to produce quality analysis of public policy issues for publication.”  Indeed, professors are reportedly grateful for the outspoken minority of students who are willing to overpower class discussions and heir their frustration with the law.

“There are a lot of things great about this generation but their willingness to bend and conform to social norms is astonishing.  This willingness also influences their views on the law making for some of the most brilliant, innovative, and scintillating discussions of legal analysis that I have had in years, even when compared to conversations with colleagues and legal scholars.”

The rest of the students are reportedly ‘too cool for school’

Despite the prevalence of this phenomenon, most law students are completely oblivious to these intricacies.  A few are silently seething at the student  who seems determined to rewrite a century of American Jurisprudence, while others furiously type the discussion verbatim and hope their Gilbert’s Outline will help them make sense of it later. The rest of the students are reportedly ‘too cool for school.’; these folks certainly don’t want to get caught paying attention in class and are usually found scrolling through their latest crush’s Facebook feed, making changes to their fantasy football teams, or writing articles for the Daily Misnomer.

Despite the non-traditional arrangement, those we spoke with couldn’t be happier. The students delving into these deep philosophical perspectives on the law get to show the other classmates how truly a brilliant intellectual mind they are; Professors get to take all of the ideas for their law review article saving themselves from any real work and helping them impress all their peers; and the rest, well they don’t have to read for the next class because Mr. Philosophical’s lengthy discussion on the problem of using age old methods of legal analysis on new and progressive fields of law, like Bird Law, took so long the class only got through one case. Not that they would have actually read anyway.


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