Inspired by Kobe, 3L Writes Retirement Poem about Law School

On November 29th, NBA legend Kobe Bryant broke the Internet by announcing this would be his final NBA season via poem.

When legendary SDOC 3L  Ariella Grand read the Mamba’s piece, tears filled her eyes. Grand realized she needed to write something similar to capture her unforgettable law school experience in Tempe. After breaking from exam preparation for several hours to craft the perfect law school poem, Grand unleashed this literary atomic bomb. Read it and weep.


Dear Law School,

From the moment / I started looking at law schools

And hearing from family / That my U of A English degree was worthless

I knew one thing was real:

I fell in love with you.


A love so deep I gave you my all —

From my mind & body / To my dignity & spiritual well-being.

As a twenty year old girl / Deeply in love with the idea of

Avoiding the post-grad real world / I never saw the end of law school

And upcoming Arizona BAR exams.

I only saw myself / Studying for hours / In a law school library.


And so I studied.

I studied on weekdays and weekends / Skipped ASU tailgate parties

And Black Friday shopping / To complete every case brief for you.

You asked for my money / I gave you my time

Because it came with so much debt.


I studied through hangovers and all-nighters

Not because challenge called me / But because YOU called me.

I did everything for YOU.

Because that’s what you do / When something makes you feel as

Dead inside as you make me feel.


You gave a twenty year old girl her legal dream

And I’ll always love you for it.

But I can’t love you obsessively for much longer.

This year is all I have left to give.


My heart can take the anguish / My mind can handle the grind

But my sanity and wallet know / It’s time to say goodbye.


And that’s OK. / I’m ready to leave you.

I want you to know now / So we both can savor every moment

We have left together / The good and the bad.

We have given each other / All that we have.


And we both know, no matter what comes next

I’ll always be that girl / With the annoying family

Demanding I do something productive with my life


5 seconds on the clock / Final Exam answer on my laptop

Typing those final words.

5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1


Love you always,





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