Bold 1L Answers “It Depends” for Every Torts Issue Spotter Question

Most 1Ls freak out when preparing for exams. There are so many hypotheticals to prepare for, and cases to review for support for in issue-spotter responses.

Bob Dyson had a different idea. I caught up with him as he exited a recent Torts exam a mere 220 minutes before its conclusion, curious to see why he finished an exam with 3 issue spotters and a policy question so soon. Apparently, he just answered “It depends” for each answer.

I had to know more. What motivates someone to give such a piercing and direct essay response?

“People stress out so much on exams, and they often forget to weigh arguments from both sides. I did not want to lose points by leaving out the counter-argument. So I simply put ‘it depends’ for every question.”

“I figure that ‘it depends’ covers all my bases. Unlike other people who will have nightmares about their answers over Winter Break, I will sleep easy because my answer is indisputably correct 100% of the time. Whether discussing duty to licensees, damage allotments based on causation percentages, or the standard of reasonable care, an appropriate response always depends on the specific circumstances of the hypothetical, the preferred common-law doctrine, and applicable policy concerns.”

I wanted to probe him further, but Bob said he wanted to use his remaining 3.5 hours to binge-watch Narcos on Netflix.

Bold strategy Dyson. Let’s see if it pays off.


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