Female Law Students Grateful for Gender Specific Career Fashion Advice

TEMPE, AZ—Starting law school, I was worried I would be under-dressed—or worse, over-dressed—for things like interviews and professional events.

Thankfully, since 1L year, organization after organization has kindly offered their unsolicited advice on my clothing in attempts to alleviate some of that uncertainty.  My male colleagues seem to really have their shit together when it comes to appropriate attire.  They just wear a suit to everything. But for us women, these types of informative sessions are a lifesaver.

“I was going to wear pasties under my suit jacket, but thankfully WLSA taught me otherwise,” said one law student.

Another student proclaimed, “Attending Barr and Spallard’s sponsored ‘How to Dress for Success’ event really helped. When deciding between my multiple pairs of stripper heels, I now stick to neutral colors and forgo the neon pink and clear plastic.”

There are just so many other factors to think about.  Women, we have skirts. That really complicates things.



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