LETTER TO THE EDITORS: Daily Misnomer Must Apologize for Fake News, Trump Presidency

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of its author. Just kidding. Disclaimers are spineless, and if this offends you, The Daily Misnomer looks forward to your complaints. 

Phoenix, AZ—For months I said nothing. As Donald Trump’s unexpected run to the presidency gained steam earlier in 2016, I waited for the Daily Misnomer to intervene. I watched as my educated friends and colleagues posted clever articles about Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for the White House. Why couldn’t your publication do the same?

Surely the Misnomer would endorse Hillary Clinton: a Yale Law grad, law professor in Arkansas, and big law partner who dabbled in pro bono child’s advocacy litigation. No? Or at the very least, highlight Donald Trump’s questionable grasp of the Constitution. Trump didn’t even go to law school, remember?!

Instead, the Misnomer‘s vigilant readers received deafining silence on the issues that mattered. While voters in key battleground states prepared for an election that will impact the Supreme Court for decades, this rag of a publication posted garbage about Suicide Squad, hipsters, and Jeb(!) Bush. Not only did these articles distract law students from this critical election, they deliberately misled the general public. What kind of media outlet worth their salt publishes pieces they know to be false? Shame on you.

Your publication is a total disaster. By failing to keep the legal community informed, the Daily Misnomer breached its duty to readers and compromised its journalistic integrity. If only Wikileaks could hack your e-mails and shed some light on your biased non-coverage of the 2016 Election.

And to the editors of this maimed, slowly dying website: Why did you look the other way in the lead-up to this election? Did the Misnomer really care that much about SDOC’s rumored new fundraising plan (which proved to only be partially true)? Or are you just racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and Islamophobic jerks who used fake news to mask your insidious worldviews?

I hope this gets published. And I hope the ASU student body protests your unethical journalism. For months, I said nothing about your silence on the election. But following this unprecedented election result, I can be silent no longer.

Donald Trump is #NotMyPresident, and the Daily Misnomer is #NotMyPublication. The students of ASU Law School demand an apology from the Misnomer for spreading fake news that rigged the election for Trump. Otherwise, I’m saying goodbye and good riddance!

-Concerned Student


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